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Design Centre

Design Centre is one of the important departments of Bangladesh Small & Cottage Industries Corporation (BSCIC). It was started in 1960. Since 1960 Design Centre has been disseminating the services to the general people, unemployed artisans, craftsmen, entrepreneurs particularly to the women and clusters of Cottage level people specially working by heredity .

Design Centre is a pioneer organisation which works for traditional crafts and cottage level products‘ designs and prototypes development. It also develops the products and creates new designs & prototypes for competitive local and export market .

Handicrafts or cottage level products are national asset & heritage. These also carry the cultural heredity of the nation. Design Centre’s collection & research on rare type of crafts for development of different products are enriching the culture and tradition.

Design Centre arranges the training courses on skill development programmes for the unemployed people to create self earning capacity. It also train up the artisans, craftsmen, entrepreneurs and crafts &
cottage level products relevant people for development of designs, prototypes and technical knowledge. Design Centre organises countrywide training programes.

Design centre works through the 13 subjective departments and also conducts 12 training courses; The training courses are as follows:

(1) Batik (2) Block (3) Screen printing (4) Cane and Bamboo products (5) Ceramics ( clay pottery) (6 ) Metal crafts (7) Leather crafts (8) Weaving (9) packaging ( Leaves and Straw) (10) Jute Crafts ( 11 ) Doll making ( 12) Fashion Design (13) Another one department is General Design. This department is for providing technical help and design distribution.

Design Centre has another tow supporting departments :

Research & publicity:
This department specially gives the support for crafts collection, disseminate the designs and information,
organize crafts exhibitions, Fairs, Melas & Publicity Related Works.

Accounts & Administration:
A separate accounts & administrative department is there which deals with finance and administrative matters.

Design centre has a sale centre. at the ground floor of BSCIC main building. This centre sells crafts and cottage products and also sells all types of training forms, catalogues, information books, leaflets and design catalogues etc.

Training programmes
Design Centre organises training programmes on twelve subjects which were described before.

Duration of all the training courses is three months and weekly two days `but Fashion Design course is for 4 days weekly. Price of each training course form is Tk. 50/=, training course fee is Tk.300/= per trainee. But Fashion Design course fee is Tk. 3000/= (per trainee).The trainees bear the all cost of training materials.

Design centre organizes several types of fairs (crafts exhibition). Every three months alternately a fair takes place at the ground floor of BSCIC head quarter. Yearly a big fair Baishaki Mela ( New Year’s Bengali fair ) takes place, Some times, Design Centre organises several types of fairs according to the national day or cultural special purposes.

Design centre is always helpful for technical co-operation, skill development advice for designs & prototypes development, design information and distribution to the concerned people.

Design centre,
Bangladesh Small & Cottage Industries (BSCIC)
137-138, Motijheel C/A.Dhaka-1000.
Contact number :
Chief Designer
9553202,9553293 { Ext: 301.304.321.396.382.393.485.
9556191, 9556192.

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